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What is
Mask World

Mask World is a private club for collectors and connoisseurs, creators and cavorters. Mask World gives holders of Mask NFT the ability to not only collect art and view, but gives you the ability to be part of a platform that will act as a launchpad for creators.


MASKS are a collection of unique collectable generative masks inspired by Jordi Mollas Original 104 physical hand painted artwork. By Teaming up with KrewStudios we have been able to digitize and bring the mask into the metaverse. The Mask NFT’s will live on the Ethereum blockchain. From a technical perspective, Mask world is a collection of 6799 unique masks PFP (profile picture). Each mask is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be freely traded and used to interact within the Krew Universe / Mask World.

104 rare masks

Jordi Mollá’s genesis NFT project was inspired by 104 original, hand painted masks. Jordi describes himself and everyone as an actor, hiding behind a mask. Further explaining that we hold different versions of ourselves with each human interaction. The beauty is in the complexity.
The digital collection sold out within minutes. Krew are pleased to announce that 104 of the lucky ultra rare Mask holders are now able to claim their physical exclusive art. For further information about how to claim, please join the MASK discord and follow Twitter.

Masks World passes

There are three different types of pass available.
The number of Masks you hold will determine which pass you receive:

With 1-4 masks, you’ll get General pass. This pass allows you access to Mask World with specific benefits. It will continue to level up the more masks NFT you hold. Who is the man behind the masks? Welcome to Mask World.

With 5-9 masks, you’ll get Express pass. This pass allows you access to Mask World with specific benefits. It will continue to level up the more masks NFT you hold. The Only way out is through, Welcome to Mask World.

With 10 masks, you’ll get Whale pass. This pass allows you to access all of Mask World. It is eligible for all Mask World drops in the future and more. Welcome to Mask World, Mask Lord.

You should first connect your wallet.


Your pass is your admission ticket to Mask World and everything that comes with it. In order to claim your pass you must lock your NFT Mask(s) into the Mask Vault and select the number of Masks you wish to stake. Doing so you will grant special privileges and the ability to participate in all Mask World activities.

Masks World drops

Mask World pass allows entry to the First Phase of Mask World

coming up: "behind the masks" by Jordi Molla


Jordi Molla
Paul Fisher